Tips for a Great Visit

We want Santa's visit to be very, very special. Here are a few tips to help make your Santa visit merry:

  • Provide a cell phone number of someone at the event who will have it on.
  • Have a special place for Santa to park – very close to entrance of event.            
  • Have someone outside to meet Santa – to show him the way and to load toys into his sack if needed.    
  • Plan it so Santa can make a "Grand Entrance" – Have everyone participating in a common task (singing.)           
  • Place Santa's Chair so it has a great holiday background for photos. Leave room behind for group photos and please do not put Santa near a fireplace.            
  • Place payment in a Christmas Card so you don't have to hand Santa a check or cash and risk a child witnessing the transaction.            
  • Keep the children together and occupied to give Santa a few minutes for his departure.